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Mother's Day Gift Trio 1
Mother's Day Gift Trio 1
Mother's Day Gift Trio 1

Mother's Day Gift Trio 1

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Every year, Distinct owner, Sam, creates a limited edition batch of Gloria's Gardenia in memory of his mother, Gloria who loved the exotic and romantic scent of the gardenia. Every Mother's Day she would receive a gardenia corsage from her children and this special soap is Sam's way of continuing the tradition and sharing the love.

Gloria's Gardenia Soap
The fragrance of fresh Gardenias and our signature oil blend infused with Vitamin E!  Vitamin E works to block free radicals from the skin, to help slow the aging process, reducing wrinkles and brown spots. 

Bright Endeavours "Fresh Bouquet" Candle
This candle is made by empowered young mothers and will fill the room with an aroma of a fresh bouquet of roses and wildflowers, with undertones of greenery.

LEARN MORE about how Bright Endeavors transforms the lives of young mothers in need.

Soap Pouch
A natural fiber Soap Pouch puts your bar soap to work with more suds and less waste by allowing you to lather up with even the smallest piece of soap.