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Face Moisturizer by Distinct Bath & Body

Face Moisturizer by Distinct Bath & Body

Regular price $15.00

Distinct has created an all-natural face care moisturizer that is both affordable. 

Here is what Distinct customer Grace had to say, "Distinct’s face moisturizer is the best I’ve found in a long time. It’s great for nighttime, especially the nights I also use trentinoin because it moisturizes so well. It made a noticeable difference in my skin within a few days, including clearing up a small patch of eczema. It smells great and still is good for my sensitive skin, and a little goes a long way. It’s also perfect on a cotton ball to gently remove stubborn eye makeup. I love this product and can’t recommend it highly enough!"

Comes in 6 oz, great for everyday use and 2 oz, perfect for travel.